The member management tab is for doing just that: Managing the members in your organization. Click the "Manage Members" link from either your Dashboard or the menu on the left side of the screen. 

A list of all the members in your organization and their profile information will appear. 

To Add a new member, click the first blue button marked with a plus sign (+). A box will pop up to enter the member's information. 

Enter the information you have available; the user can always edit their information later. You must have a valid email address for the new user. Once you hit "Save" they will receive an email inviting them to setup a password and login to their account. 

Check the box to the left of a member's name and click the red and blue icons to perform various actions: 

Delete - Delete a user or users from your organization. This will remove them entirely from the database and they will lose all data associated with their account.

Assign/Remove Admin Role - If you'd like to assign a member or members in your organization Admin status (giving them all the abilities you have), find their name on the list, check the box to the left of their name, and click the "Assign Admin Role" button (blue button marked with a shield and +).
To remove Admin status, select the member, and click the red button marked with a shield and X.
To see which members have admin status, sort your organization by the "Role" column. It will say either "MEMBER" or "ADMIN".

Set Users' Registration Status - The "Status" column shows which members have accepted an invitation to join your organization and are now verified users. To change their status, check the box next to their name, then click the blue button with a checkmark to register them, or the "no symbol (circle with a line through it)" to remove their registration.

"Actions" Column (last to the right)
By clicking on the "Modify" icon (square with a pencil), you can view a member's complete profile and edit or update their information.
If you click the "P" icon, you can send the member a link so they can reset their password.
If you click the trash can icon, you can delete the member entirely. 

Other Actions

Clicking on the title of each column (first name, last name, title, city etc.) will sort that column in ascending or descending alphabetical order.

In the top right, you'll see a bar that says, "Filter...". Here, you can search for specific members by any information from a member's profile.

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