"Connectivity issue" error message

If you know you have a good wifi or cellular connection but are still receiving this error message, you are most likely not properly connected to the system because you incorrectly registered.

Before you can login to the BlueLine Grid system, your information MUST be uploaded into your organization's database either by someone at BlueLine Grid, or your system administrator. 

If it is your first time logging in and you are prompted to enter your information as shown below, you are not correctly registered.

If this happens, you need to contact your system administrator or click the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to chat with someone at BlueLine Grid. 

Location Sharing 

Are you not showing up on the map in GridCommand or the mobile app? Visit our page about location sharing.
If you're still not showing up, check to make sure you have a wifi or cellular signal, try toggling your location on and off a couple times in the alerts tab and/or check with your system administrator to make sure you've been properly added to the system. 

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