In order to utilize the Geolocation feature, that allows you to identify individuals in a specific area and initiate a call, a secure chat or push-to-talk with all members in the vicinity you must make sure that

  1. The location services are enabled for the BlueLine Grid application in your device's settingsĀ 

For iOS: Navigate to your device settings > Privacy > Location Services > Switch to ON > Scroll down the list of apps and make sure the BlueLine Grid app you are using has location services set to "While Using the App"
This means that your location will only be used while the app is running on your device. As soon as you quit the app, your location will no longer be known.

2. Your location is switched to "ON" in the mobile app

When you open the app, navigate to the alerts tab by tapping on the bullhorn icon. At the top you'll see a gray bar that says "Share Location". Tap the button so it is green and says, "ON". Once you do this, your location will stay on until you either tap the button again, or quit the app.
If you navigate to the center GeoGrid tab, you should see a red pin, that's you!

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