When you login to GC Admin, you'll see a tab at the top of your screen called "Alerts"
This is the Alert Management Console, NOT where you send alerts from. Click HERE to see how to send alerts from GC Admin

When you click on this tab, you'll see two sub-tabs just below; "Received" and "Sent"

Under "Received", you can look through the alerts you've already received. When you click on an alert, its details will display on the right:
You'll see:

  • Who sent the alert
  • Date and time receivedĀ 
  • Alert type (Info, Urgent etc)
  • The alert messageĀ 
  • Status (read or unread)
  • Date and time the alert was read

You'll also see at the bottom that you have the ability to Reject, Accept, or reply to the sender of the alert. The sender of the alert will receive your response in their GridCommand console

If you click on the "Sent" tab you can click on an alert that you sent out and just like the received alerts, see all the details of it on the right hand side.
You will also be able to see who has read the alert, who rejected or accepted the alert, as well as any responses that may ave been sent back.

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