Once you've gotten your csv file properly setup and you know who you're adding, deleting and/or updating, you can upload it to the system.
GC Admin can be accessed here: gcadmin.bluelinegrid.com
Note: Only designated system administrators have access to GC Admin.
Contact us if you do not have access but require it. 

When you login to GC Admin, you'll notice several tabs on the top. Make sure you're under the tab that says "Organization"
Once you're there, look to the left of the screen to see which organizations you have access to. There could be one or several listed.
If you think there are any organizations missing, please contact us by clicking on the chat bubble in the bottom left of this screen or email us at help@grid.blue 

  1. Click the organization in the left hand column you wish to upload your spreadsheet to
  2. Click the blue "Import Member Data" button

     3. Select your csv file from your computer then click "Next"
     4. If there are any errors they will be displayed in the box. Click "Cancel" and adjust        your spreadsheet (be sure to save it again).*

     5. Start from step 2. If there are no errors, click next to see a summary of the                    actions taken

     6. Click Done

* Note: if there are no error messages in red, you will still be able to continue with the upload however, you might need to adjust the operation type in your spreadsheet

For example, if you receive an error message that says, "[Warning] Member not found", you might have put "Skip" or "Update" instead of "Add". You'll still be able to upload the rest of the spreadsheet, but that user will be ignored until you correct the operation type. 

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