When enabled for your organization, the Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature allows you to connect to your team instantly over a secure channel with just the push of a button; much like how modern two-way radios work, only more secure.

You can access PTT by first navigating to the GeoGrid (map) tab, then holding down anywhere on the map outside of the blue circle until the PTT controls appear. 

You can define the users you communicate with on the channel by location.  
To do this, first be sure that the users are sharing their location and you can find their pins on the map. Then:

  1. Select desired radius by zooming in or out on the map by pinching the screen until you have the desired pins in the blue circle
  2. Press and hold the circle until it turns red
  3. Press and hold the red microphone button to transmit your message
  4. All users running the app (either actively or in the background) will instantly hear your voice message

If you miss the last transmission, simply tap the blue arrow to replay it. If you wish to replay the entire transmission, hold down the blue arrow for 3 seconds and the entire transmission will play. 

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