All BlueLine Grid apps are equipped with the ability to send encrypted one-on-one or group messages (up to 25 people per group) over wifi or cellular data.
Creating one of these messages is only a few clicks away.
Follow these simple instructions or watch the video below to get started messaging.

  1. In the messages tab tap the pencil and paper icon on the top of the screen
  2. Search for a specific user or scroll through your list of connections 
  3. Select up to 25 users, then tap "Create New Message"
  4. If the message contains more than two users, you will need to name your group message

Once you've created the message, you can send messages, pictures, videos, audio messages, documents, and even share your current location.

By tapping on the members icon in a group message you can add and remove members, change the name of the group, or leave the message altogether.

In your messages you'll also notice a phone icon. By tapping on that, you can pull some or all members of a group message into a conference call.
Click on the "GridCall" button below for more information about conference calls.

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